• AOL Installation is Not Required to open PFC Files
  • Allows to View & Read PFC File Without AOL Desktop
  • Shows the Count of Emails in a Particular Folder
  • Supports to Preview and open All Type PFC Files
  • Permits to Preview All Emails With Meta Properties
  • Option to Sort AOL PFC Emails According to the Attributes
  • Supports PFC Files of Any Size without Size Limitations
  • Compatible With Windows 10 and All Previous Versions

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Main Features OF AOL PFC Viewer Software

Standalone Tool to Open & View AOL PFC Emails Without AOL Installation

Open & View AOL PFC Without AOL Desktop

The AOL PFC Viewer tool allows you to open and view PFC file in the absence of the AOL desktop. The software supports PFC files generated by various versions of AOL Desktop, such as AOL Desktop 10.0, AOL Desktop 9.0, AOL Desktop 8.0, AOL Desktop 7.0, AOL Desktop 6.0, etc. The software first scans the PFC file and then provides a preview of all file email items. The Utility can scan PFC files of any size, the size limit is not specified for this tool.

Compatible All Windows OS

AOL PFC File Reader is a tool designed to keep all Windows users in mind as it is compatible with all Windows operating systems. This free tool works natively with Windows 10 and all versions. This tool is the perfect solution to view AOL PFC files in a time-efficient and reliable way. This utility is completely free to open PFC files without the AOL desktop client. There is no need to call or install AOL desktop software to view PFC File.

Maintain Hierarchy File or Folder

PFC File Opener is a very effective tool that maintains the proper folder structure while viewing and opening PFC files. This tool will save, receive, delete, organize every PFC file or email folder, so the integrity of the data will always be present in the files. This tool will save every PFC file or email folder that is sent, received, deleted, organized etc. Therefore, data integrity will always be in the files.

Sort PFC Emails According To Attributes

AOL PFC File Viewer allows you to sort PFC email based on features such as: from, subject, time, sending time, receiving time, and size. Sorting can be done alphabetically and numerically. It also shows the e-mail item count within the PFC file. The tool displays the complete folder structure contained in the PFC file. Emails sent, received, deleted, or blacked out will be displayed in the software along with the sent folder hierarchy.

System Requirement

Get an Overview OF AOL PFC Viewer Tool Features – Free and Licensed Version

Software Name: PFC Viewer
Processor: Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor
RAM: Minimum 1 GB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 100 MB
Microsoft Windows: 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1, 2008/2012 , Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)

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How to Open PFC Files Without AOL Desktop - Step By Step Guide

Upgrade AOL PFC Viewer Tool

Features Free Version Pro Version
Open & View PFC File With Attachment
Preview AOL PFC Files
Support All Type PFC Files
Advance Search File Option
Compatible With All Windows Operating Systems
Supports AOL Desktop 10.0 and Earlier Versions
Multiple File Naming Options

Technical FAQs OF AOL PFC File Reader Software

    Follow below Steps to Open,View and AOL PFC Files:

  • Step 1: Download & Install AOL PFC File Reader Application.
  • Step 2: Then, Add File Tab to Browse AOL PFC File.
  • Step 3: Now, Preview of AOL PFC File.
  • Step 4: Finally, Open and View PFC File With Associated Attachments.

The .pfc file extension is most commonly associated with the US online application. With these files, PFC is for individual filing cabinets. PFC files are used to store e-mail messages, contact information, and user bookmarks.

Yes, this tool definitely works on Windows 10 as it is compatible with all versions of Windows.

No, there is no size limit. You can easily open and preview many PFC email files with the help of PFC File Opener.

No, the freeware PFC file viewer tool only displays AOL PFC email. To save PFC files in PDF format, you need to upgrade to Pro.

Yes, PFC File Reader is fully compatible with AOL 10.0, 9.8 and below desktop software.

Yes, PFC File Viewer is designed with the most efficient algorithm that ensures that files are opened without data loss. So you can completely rely on tools and services to view AOL backup emails and attachments.

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