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Features of E01 Image Viewer

E01 File Reader to read E01 files

Open & Read All Items

E01 Viewer tool allow users to easily Open & Read multiple E01 files. By using this exclusive tool, users can preview three type of files i.e EDB, OST and PST files present in any E01 image file.

E01 File Opener to view multiple files

Preview Multiple Files

E01 Image Reader provide users with an exclusive option to Scan & Load all OST, PST or EDB file found within an E01 file. The software will save previously scanned data, so that you will not need to scan the same file every time you open it.

E01 File Reader with in-built viewers

Multiple In-built Viewers

E01 File Viewer consists of multiple in-built viewers i.e OST, PST and EDB viewer to view E01 files. A user can view the content of E01 file by clicking on View Content button and the software will launch desired built-in file viewer for the file.

  • Add desired E01 files using Add File option
  • Forensically Examine all E01 Files.
  • View E01 File items with attributes.
  • Depth analysis of Email data files.
  • Mount multiple E01 image files using E01 Viewer.
  • Scan & Open E01 File items in Batch.
  • E01 File Reader is an Exclusive tool to Explore multiple E01 image files.
  • Tool supports Windows 10 OS and all below versions

E01 Image Viewer Tool Screenshots

Upgrade E01 Viewer Tool

Features Free Version Pro Version
Add E01 Files
Read E01 File with Attachments
Auto Scan File
Read E01 File Content
Support Multiple Email Files
Advance Search within E01 file
Save & Export in PDF File Formats
Cost FREE $99

Technical FAQs of E01 Image Viewer

To open & view E01 files. User have to follow some steps:

  • Download E01 Viewer Tool
  • Then, scan & Preview EnCase E01 File
  • Click on 'View Content' Button to read data
  • Now, open & Preview Selected Data File

E01 file is a Forensic Image file of CD, DVD or other portable devices. It is basically created by EnCase, FTK Imager and by the other forensic software. Most forensic users create EnCase E01 file to prevent the unauthorized access of their data. E01 Viewer tool provides you the best feature to view the entire E01 file in a short span of time.

Yes, E01 File Reader can easily open the EWF image files in a short span of time. Not only this, E01 Image Viewer software helps users to forensically examine the EWF image files.

Yes, being a Windows-based utility the E01 File Opener is compatible with all Windows versions.

No, E01 File Opener is completely a Windows based utility i.e you can run it only on windows platform.

Yes, EnCase E01 Image Viewer software helps to read E01 File which is corrupted and also removes the corruption from each of its sectors. The Software also provides a unique feature of opening all E01 files in a batch.

Yes, E01 Viewer Pro is an exclusive tool which has a great option to save your E01 files in PDF format. Not only this, the Pro version of E01 Image Viewer provides advance scanning mode with deep analysis of E01 image files.

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